Community Colleges Ban Smoking On Campus

Over the past couple of years smoking bans have been introduced to a growing number of Community College campuses. It was only a matter of time with the widespread smoking bans being enforced throughout US public spaces. Smokers shouldn’t worry too much though as in this day and age there are a number of alternatives that can be used in a lot of the no smoking zones without subjecting other students to second hand smoke.

Take a look at electronic cigarettes for instance, brands such as Green Smoke and E-Lites have a product that produces no harmful second hand smoke, only an odorless vapor. There is even a discount code to help make a saving in the transition.

If any student doesn’t think that the colleges will take the ban seriously then they should think again. The Central Carolina Community College have a three strike rule before suspension. Upon the first offense a student will be reported to the Director Of Campus Security with the students details, a second offense will see the Director of Campus Security report the offender to the Vice President of Student Services who will in turn send a warning to the student outlining that a further offense will result in suspension. With a third offense the student will be suspended for the rest of the current term.

If you are a smoker and attend a community college be sure to take the rules seriously and if you must smoke try and seek other alternatives at least whilst on campus.