Community College – The Importance of On-Site Day Care

Community Colleges are an amazing resource for modern America.  They have their equivalents throughout many European countries too, but in this post I will focus on those in America.

It is a sad, but statistically proven fact, that a higher proportion of teenage pregnancies occur in women from lower socio economic backgrounds.  Clearly this is not always the case, but more often than not.  The result of a teenage pregnancy can result in the early departure from school in order to raise their baby and/or the strong possibility of under achievement in exams.

So the importance of community colleges for this group of students is even greater.  They have a young family to support themselves, so they must do all they can to secure a prosperous and happy future for them and their child.  This is where the on-site day care becomes invaluable.

Often somewhat disadvantaged or estranged from their own family, teenage single parents rely on the day care in order that they can improve their prospects.  The day care centres from my experience are fun, functional and most importantly safe places to leave your children.  They have indoor and outdoor play areas with bonded rubber mulch surfacing and play equipment.  Inside there are reading and writing desks as well as more soft play areas.

These centres are often grant/government assisted in order to keep the costs down allowing consistent uptake from those wishing to educate themselves.  This funding is well deserved as the centres are key in up skilling and further educating a segment of society most likely to end up involved in the crime industry seen throughout America and indeed the world.