Community College Holidays

There are a number of holidays in the term calendar of the typical community college. There is the long summer holiday usually from the start of July to Mid August. There is often two weeks off in Spring term, and there is a break for Christmas. During these times there are a number of useful things that students can do.

Firstly, there is studying. It is always good to do extra studying and background reading while you have the chance during the vacations. The holidays before major exams are crucial times to revise for tests. Although many students like to boast about how little they have studied during the break, they are often lying to appear cool to their peers.

Secondly, there is paid work. Many students are from less well off backgrounds and use the vacation time to put in extra hours at their part time jobs. This money is used for books, accommodation and tuition fees.

For those lucky enough to have the time and the money, the most fun thing to do during the long holidays is to take a trip abroad. When you are young it is the best time to go backpacking. The experience helps young people to find out about the world and learn about foreign culture. During one of my summer breaks I went with a friend to the Thai coastal region of Khao Lak. We stayed in a cheap bungalow on Pilai beach. It was a friendly place with cheap shops. We met lots of the locals and ended up teaching English at a nearby middle school.  I also had the time while lying on the beach to catch up on my reading list for college.

It wasn’t cheap flying to Thailand, but it was one of the most memorable things I did during my community college days. Make your time at community college memorable too.