Choose Your Course Carefully

In better times, you didn’t need to put much thought into education.  It was all good and if you obtained higher qualifications, you were usually rewarded with a better job, prospects and money etc.  The world has changed a lot though and now taking any educational course is something of a risk which needs to be assessed.

The risk is obviously primarily financial, when you are studying your not earning and of course there’s those fees to be taken care of.  Taking even a simple 12 month course in education can cost you many thousands of dollars in expenses and lost earnings.   It may be your passion but could you really justify a 12 month course studying English Poetry in the Middles ages.

That’s the problem that has happened in the UK – the explosion in students and courses, combined with the recession in the economy has left many students unable to find jobs.  Employers are being very selective and choosing candidates with direct experience or job focussed qualifications.  Many students who chose more academic studies are struggling without practical skills to back them up like using this VPN.

It’s easy to say focus on qualifications that can lead to your intended career – but of course many people are unsure of their chosen career at a younger age.  The adaptability of community colleges is a great benefit here meaning you can perhaps postpone your studying until you know which direction you’re heading in.

It’s also worth considering studying in another country, although it might seem difficult to arrange the internet has made it much more simpler.  If there’s a country you would like to study in – just get online and do some research.  You can read up on course, check out job prospects and even watch the local TV stations now online.  To access many localised sites you might need to get a VPN or proxy service but that’s quite simple to do – e.g for looking in Japan pick an Japanese server, for Australia then you’ll need an Australia proxy.

Studying in another country certainly looks good on your CV and even better if you pick up some language skills along the way.  Education in whatever form is still hugely beneficial in so many ways, but it does require more thought than was ever necessary in the past.