How the iPad is more versatile than a laptop

The wide variety of computer manufacturers have introduced numerous Tablets, the Apple iPad and a multitude of other versions that offer something for everyone and consequently, millions of people across the world are impressed by them. However, in order to meet their individual needs adequately, it is advisable for these people choose these devices wisely by understanding their differences. The Apple iPad, which has a very long battery life, is lightweight and compact and for this reason, it is the perfect choice for people who want something versatile and perky. Although it has a maximum internal memory of 64 Gig that can only store a limited amount of data, it has a wide variety of boutique programs that enable its users to play around and more importantly, it enables them to receive and send emails as well as surf the net. The Apple iPad ,which comes with an Apple Dock connector cable and a USB, is more powerful and faster as compared to other devices such as the laptop hence its growing popularity especially in the business environment. It provides the best option for people who do not want to buy a dedicated desktop PC for daily use in their homes or offices. More importantly, it offers value for the money that they pay for it. Get the iPhone & iPad App for the Amsterdam Nightlife student nightlife scene here: