Community College for all

Community Colleges provide a much needed boost to families who may have financial worries when it comes to encouraging their children to go on to higher education.

Children who come from a less privileged background don’t need to give up on their dreams simply because they cannot afford to. You often hear single parents worry about the future of their children as they feel that they would not be able to support them financially at school, they should not have to do this.


Despite the obvious benefits, Community Colleges have their critics with many people stating that it makes the distinction between classes wider in society, and other, perhaps more conservative views suggesting that those who cannot afford higher education should not be awarded this privilege and they clearly have not worked hard enough. It is this mind-set that increases the stigma surrounding Community Colleges.

They are important resource for bringing education to people who may have previously  missed out.  Just like the growth of the online educational resources (MOOC) which also have accessibility high on their list of advantages.  Remember the internet is not just about leisure and relaxation, although if Netflix have their way that will stop too if you live in the wrong country – read this for more information.

We live in a society now where equality is high on the agenda, and we should all be given the same chances in life, especially when it comes to academic growth. Learning is a source of enjoyment that should not be taken away from other simply because they do not have the ‘ideal’ background. Community College gives more people the chance to grow and this should be encouraged.