How iPhone Apps can help students better prepare for exams

We all know how preparing for an exam is stressing. Trying to remember which topics you need to read for your next exam after holiday might be tricky especially if you spend the holiday away from home. The best thing is that the iPhone can help you in your studies and even better prepare you for your next exam. Here are some great Free iPhone apps that you need to download to be in a better position while preparing for your exams.

First of all, I found iStudies a very important app when it comes to planning your studies. iStudies isn’t expensive and can allow you to get your mind back to school especially if you are straight from holiday. With iStudies, you are able to retrace your classmates contacts and timetables as well as when your next exam is coming up.

iFormulas must also be a very helpful app when preparing for your exams. This app keeps you updated with the formulas that you need for solving any math problem. When preparing for your exam, you will need to write down a couple of formulas or better store them in your brain. This app offers you a quick reference to any formula you need in mathematics.

The chemical touch just like the iFormula will help you memorize your periodic table when preparing for your chemistry paper. You can easily refer to the digital periodic table which is clear as your traditional periodic table. Here you find all the information you need for all elements including but not limited to their boiling points, masses and densities.

Finally, the ultimate iPhone app that you need to use when preparing for your exams is Cram. Not only does cram allow you to save your most important study sessions, but also allows you to create simple tests that will prepare your mind before the real exam.