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Academic success is about passing classes to get something in return whether it is a diploma, degree or certificate. Take the following tips to heart and make the grade.

Some people can study in groups; others study alone. Try both ways and see which one helps you get the most studying done and the best grades.

Work classes around your schedule. In college we have the luxury of choosing our classes. Do not take a class at a time where you are not mentally available. Morning people should stick to morning and afternoon classes. Night owls should stick to afternoon and evening classes.

Reading something over and over may not stick in some students’ minds. Use an audio book or tape related to the book and listen to it.  If you can’t find these then try switching your IP address to something remote and try again.  Your physical location can sometimes restrict what you can access online but by switching IP address or using something like a UK DNS proxy you can

Set goals for yourself. Along with using a GPA calculator an academic goal will encourage you to try as hard as you can. Sometimes the goals do not have to be about grades; take a course you avoided taking, join an extracurricular activity or get a job while going to school.

Notes are the backbone of classes. Written notes will be the answers to upcoming quizzes and tests. Studying your notes is one thing; take it a step further and rewrite them by hand. This method helps you retain those notes in your memory and helps you to sort it out in your brain.

Lots of people procrastinate, but it is not a good idea. Do not let social networks, family, friends and other distractions force you to scramble at the last minute with the possibility of botched jobs and poor results using the GPA calculator. Save yourself the stress of procrastination and study early.

People spend so much time studying that there is no time for anything else. Some people enjoy life too much. Balance work and play. This gives the brain time to absorb everything you learned. Play sports, paint, keep a journal, watch television—keep those creative juices flowing.

John Hamiltion

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