Tobacco Ban On College Campus To Include E Cigarettes

Very few people would argue against the banning of tobacco smoking on college campuses as a way to improve the health of the nations students but some people aren’t 100% happy about a upcoming smoke-free policy at a California university. The reason being that the bill will see vapor cigarettes and chewing tobacco lumped together with the tobacco products which are known to cause second-hand health damage.

Neither chewing tobacco nor e cigarettes cause harm to anyone but the person using them. Indeed many researchers conclude that vapor cigarettes could turn out to be completely safe, and are a great way for smokers to get off tobacco without the pain associated with going cold turkey.

If those responsible for new rule on the campus of UC were really concerned about the health of the students then it would make more sense if they were to encourage the use of these alternative nicotine delivery systems in students who are unfortunate enough to have the addiction.

What has actually happened here is the curtailing the personal freedoms due to an anti-nicotine agenda which serves no useful purpose. We can only hope that in the future commonsense will prevail and we’ll live in a world where smokers are free to use the very products which have the potential to save their lives without feeling like a social outcast.

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