Let the Military Pay for your Degree

Did you know that the military will pay for your education?  In addition, you receive decent pay whilst active duty in the armed forces.

Whether you’re in the Air Force, Coast Guard, Marines, Army, Navy or the Reserves, the military pay chart 2013 applies to you. Using this, you can find out how much you’ll be paid per month by looking up your grade and years of service. However, it may not be accurate if you look up how much you’ll be paid a few years from now. 

In 2013, the monthly pay was increased by 1.7% per month. Also, it only states the basic pay per month and does not take into account BAS – Basic Allowance for Substance (food). You’ll need to find out if you’re eligible for this allowance because it could make a sizable dent in how much you’ll be able to save each month. 

If you’ll be given housing and an annual clothing allowance, you can also subtract that from your expenses. For most civilians, housing is what slashes their ability to set some money aside in the bank at the end of every month. By saving on that, you can increase the amount of money you save each month especially if you have a family to support while you’re away. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that the pay charts only state how much you’ll be paid before tax. After taxes, there will be a substantial difference in your paycheck. If you have long term plans for buying a home, helping out your parents or family or maybe even traveling, you’ll have to calculate how much you’ll be given after those taxes.