Studying Outside the USA

Community colleges offer both a valuable alternative and an alternative route into a traditional University in the US.  But there are many more options available nowadays for study and progressing your career.  For example on this site  there are loads of stories and articles about other options like online education.  One of the other popular options is to consider studying abroad in a foreign university or college.

For many people just the idea of studying outside the US sounds expensive and complicated.  In reality there are many thousands of colleges across the world that offer both a great education and can even turn out to be more cost effective.  For foreign language students the benefits are obvious of course, speaking the language you’re studying is going to be a huge benefit and in reality the only way to truly master a language.  Taking your education out of the class room though is not just advantageous for language students though.

Studying in another country gives a real insight into different working practices and attitudes.  Mixing with people from different cultures and backgrounds is a real advantage in this globally connected world. The experience is always beneficial and certainly be a huge plus on any CV especially if you’re looking to work for an international company eventually.

Of course trying to cope with a different language for a science student may be too much which is why English speaking countries are often the preferred option.  There are English speaking colleges all over the world and not only limited to certain countries.  Experiencing a new culture will obviously be simpler if you can understand what everyone is saying.  Even a country like the UK or Australia will be a very different experience to an American Univeristy or community college.

Take for example the UK, there is a huge range of academic options in this country and the qualifications will be recognised throughout the world.  You might think that living in the UK will be very similar to the US, but it can be very different. People expect that just because they’ve watched lots of UK TV in the US that they know what to expect but it can still be something of a culture shock.

What you will find is that the experience will greatly enhance your communication skills.  The UK for instance is a very open and culturally diverse country so you’ll mix with students from all sorts of backgrounds and countries.  It can be a little intimidating at first especially for younger students but if you can cope with the inevitable home sickness, then it can be a truly rewarding experience.