College Life

Making the commitment of choosing to study in higher education is an important one as it will shape your future. Making sure you pick the right courses for your desired career is highly important and it is also recommended that you consider taking a year out before starting to clear your head and consider your future.

Many people take a year out and do a bit of travelling to places like Australia, Africa and Asia. It broadens your mind and lets you see all the options out there. These kind of trips can make you realise that certain ideas that you had about your future might not be right for you.

Places like Asia are a great place to go to understand a totally different way of life and really take you out your comfort zone and they are also notorious for great nights out, click here for more info

There are also trips that can look good on your CV such as working holidays where you might go away somewhere exotic and interesting to help build fences, schools and communities and can also help you build a good work ethic.

Mo matter what you choose to do remember that if you work hard you can achieve naything you put your mind to.

Finances and Giving Presents

So, when I was at my JC, I spent part of most school days working for an online company’s warehouse in Berkeley.  They sold wine gift baskets online which gave me an easy excuse to give some really nice gifts to family and friends, without having to pay retail which was certainly nice.

In any case, I understand that student finances in and around Christmas can be a challenge.  To start, it’s the end of the semester and no matter how good you are with your budget, things are usually tight.  Secondly, you have to plan on paying for your flight or car ride home which can really start to add up these days.  Heck a flight from Oakland to San Diego will cost you upwards of $300, so can you even imagine what a flight to the east coast might run?

an east coast flight cost