Community College for all

Community Colleges provide a much needed boost to families who may have financial worries when it comes to encouraging their children to go on to higher education.

Children who come from a less privileged background don’t need to give up on their dreams simply because they cannot afford to. You often hear single parents worry about the future of their children as they feel that they would not be able to support them financially at school, they should not have to do this.


Despite the obvious benefits, Community Colleges have their critics with many people stating that it makes the distinction between classes wider in society, and other, perhaps more conservative views suggesting that those who cannot afford higher education should not be awarded this privilege and they clearly have not worked hard enough. It is this mind-set that increases the stigma surrounding Community Colleges.

They are important resource for bringing education to people who may have previously  missed out.  Just like the growth of the online educational resources (MOOC) which also have accessibility high on their list of advantages.  Remember the internet is not just about leisure and relaxation, although if Netflix have their way that will stop too if you live in the wrong country – read this for more information.

We live in a society now where equality is high on the agenda, and we should all be given the same chances in life, especially when it comes to academic growth. Learning is a source of enjoyment that should not be taken away from other simply because they do not have the ‘ideal’ background. Community College gives more people the chance to grow and this should be encouraged.

What’s the Next Step?

When I was young, in easier times – drifting into college was something that many of us did.  The mere possession of a degree was usually enough to ensure a reasonable start to life in the real world.  Debts were quickly paid off by a decent job and the extension of frugal student living for a year or so.  But in most countries this has changed radically, I went to University in the UK but the pattern seems to be the same across Europe and North America.  College or University is now a very serious investment and waltzing into a course based on no more than – “it sounded interesting” is no longer a smart move.

The rising costs of courses and the withdrawal of grants and benefits means that continuing with education is one of the biggest investments you can make.  The good thing is that it can still be a smart investment because get it right and the beneficiary will be you.  I think  the point I’m trying to make is  that education is of course worthwhile but make sure you have a plan.  From my experience those who have a career in mind or a job to aim for will rarely go wrong with pursuing further education.  But because of the big investment, just doing a social media course because you didn’t know what else to do – is a recipe for disaster.

Think long and hard about your goals and whether the course you are doing will help you achieve this.  Make sure you research properly you chosen vocation, if it’s in another country ensure that you develop the relevant language skills.  My flatmate in college invested in a service which provided them with a UK IP address, they found it here.  The reason was to be able to access the BBC from her computer online – simply to develop English skills from the presenters.  Going to college is also a chance to develop related kills with voluntary groups and societies.  If you can find activities which relate to your chosen profession then it can be CV skills paradise.



Don’t Dive In

The problem that many students come across is that they have had no kind of break from education and class it as something similar to school, the freedom and responsibility given to them on entering college life then becomes too much and many don’t know how to deal with it responsibly.

A great way to set yourself up for this big change is to do a spot of travelling and see different areas. Travel broadens the mind and it will open you up to new experiences that will help to mature you and can even help you get a better idea of what you may want to do in life.

Many people travel to Australia or Africa and these are great ways to see the world but there are also the options of touring closer to home and gaining some valuable work experience along the way, the UK has some of the most amazing locations on the planet that people from all over the world travel to see.

Whatever you plan to do remember that you should be having fun even if you are working hard, after all you are only young once.


Buying Greenhouses While Going to American Community Colleges

College debt can accumulate far too fast for most college students. Finding ways to pay off your debt can be very difficult. No matter how popular your major may be, there is no guarantee that you will be able to get a job directly after graduating, and even if you do, by that point, your college debt is to its greatest extent already. If you want to cut down on some of your community college debt, you may be very surprised, and pleased, to learn that there is a natural way to do it, and all it takes is some patience. Starting a greenhouse garden can help you to cut down on your debt by allowing you to save money where it counts, on things like food and herbs, and perhaps even make money selling your garden fresh veggies, fruits, and maybe even flowers to those who are tired of outrageous grocery store prices.

How It Works to Save You Money

How much do you think a packet of seeds costs? If you say anything over five dollars, in most cases, you are wrong. Seeds are extremely cheap. The reason for this is because they are not really anything yet. Sure, they can be tomatoes, or roses, or even watermelons, but there is no way to ensure that they ever will be. Most people who plant end up losing interest, and thus, their plants die off and they end up going to the grocery store and getting robbed blind when it comes to checking out and paying their bill. If you have a greenhouse, you can easily save multiple hundreds, and even a couple of thousand dollars each year on your grocery bill, and that is money that can be put toward paying off your community college debt.

Making a Business Out of Your Greenhouse

Of course, saving money on groceries is not all you can do by buying a greenhouse; you can also make quite a bit of money selling your fruits, veggies, herbs and flowers. Each year people flock to farmer’s markets when they come to their town. The reason for this is that they can get organic fruits and veggies at outstanding prices. But what most do not take in to consideration is that the farmers growing these fruits and veggies make quite a bit of profit. Think about it; they pay a couple dollars for a bag of seeds that can grow ten tomatoes or more, and then sell each tomato for, let’s say, a quarter. This means they are making more than 200 per cent profit off of their tiny bag of seeds. Multiply that across the board with all of the fruits and veggies that they plant, and you can easily see how being a farmer can easily pay off. The best thing about being a greenhouse farmer, though, is that your planting will never be at the mercy of the seasons, saving you more money!


Gardening particularly for money, takes experience however there is one thing you can do and that is research your produce, growing techniques and methods.  There are some great shows you can find online but some of the best can be found on UK TV particularly the BBC, shows like Country File and Gardener’s Question Time are really useful for learning about plants and greenhouses, for those outside the UK you can use a VPN which will allow streaming UK TV from anywhere in the world.

Reaching Out to Potential Community College Students


An online marketing company may seem like one of the last things a community college needs to approach but truth be told, it may soon become the top priority. With the years passing by online education is becoming the forefront to educating the youth and the only way to ensure that the local community college gets as many online students is to be visible through the vast World Wide Web.

Students Are Avid Searchers

Students will always spend hours searching for better options on the Web. They won’t just settle for the first online school they find. They will continuously browse but searching habits are usually the same – try the first three links and then alter the keywords to get better results. You want your community college’s online school to appear amongst those three top links to nab the attention of students searching.

Getting to the Top

There is one good way to get to the top – outsourcing to an online marketing company. They are the experts in attracting traffic and ensuring that a community college is visible to students interested. These outsourcing companies are the experts since they specialize specifically in internet marketing. Community colleges normally fail to advertise online because they are manned by inexperienced personnel who don’t know a thing about marketing their school on the Internet. An internet marketing company is manned by dedicated experts who have been doing this kind of work for years.

How Much Will It Cost?

Of course the bigger question is, how much will it cost you? The best way to answer this is to consider the returns on investment: you’ll be saving resources by outsourcing to an expert internet marketing company and the results will reel in a plethora of new students. The costs are outweighed by the benefits and will ensure that the community college sees a rebirth in its online education program. If you want to see a successful online program then switch to a reliable online marketing company today.

Role of Community Colleges in Spreading Knowledge and Information on Cordyceps


In some parts of the world, community colleges are playing a very significant role in educating people on the important therapeutic and medicinal properties of this mushroom. This has resulted to increased interest in learning more about it and demand for it in different parts of the world. Community colleges are important resource centers for people seeking information. When individuals want to learn more about certain subjects, they visit community colleges. This is also the case with people seeking information on cordyceps. However, in the past was difficult to get information on this mushroom in many community colleges.

Cordyceps has a long history that dates back to its use in traditional medicine in China. Although it has been used for long in china, some people in other parts of the world do not know much about it. Nevertheless, after several clinical studies that revealed the important role of this mushroom in the medical field its popularity has been increasing rapidly. People are looking for information about it in different parts of the world. Community colleges and other institutions that offer medical education are also teaching about it. Research is also being conducted on this mushroom in different community colleges.

In some parts of the world, community colleges are playing a very significant role in educating people on the important therapeutic and medicinal properties of this mushroom. This has resulted to increased interest in learning more about it and demand for it in different parts of the world. Community colleges are important resource centers for people seeking information. When individuals want to learn more about certain subjects, they visit community colleges. This is also the case with people seeking information on cordyceps. However, in the past was difficult to get information on this mushroom in many community colleges.

With recent studies having been conducted on this mushroom, there are several publications and books that have information about it. There are also professor s and teachers who are interested in learning more about this mushroom. These have continued with their search for more information about it. People can also go to such teachers and professors in community colleges to learn more about it. Thus, community colleges have played a very significant role in development and dissemination of information about this mushroom.

Many publications have been written by community colleges detailing the crucial role of this mushroom. They include information on the rejuvenation power of this product. Basically this mushroom has been used in different medical applications. They include energy promotion in the body, boosting libido, vitality, enhancing the immune system and enhancing adrenal sufficiency. It is also used in enhancing kidney support as well as weight loss. This has made it a subject of learning and research in different community colleges.

Some people who are not certain about the use of this product have always gone to community colleges to learn more about it. Others have contacted community colleges that offer medical education whenever they have questions on how to use it. Generally, community colleges have played a very important role in enhancing education on cordyceps as well as spreading information about it.

Tough Decision: College Or A Job?

Graduating high school seniors in 2013 have a difficult choice between going to an overpriced college or trying to find a job in a down market. It seems either choice might end up being the wrong one.

Everyone knows that college tuition prices have outpaced inflation and are outrageous at many schools. But there is a way to get that degree for less: go to a community college for the first two years and then transfer to a more prestigious school for the last two.  Community colleges usually cost less and their credits will be accepted by most major colleges. A student will end up with a diploma from the bigger, more well known school and no one will ever know they spent the first two years of their schooling in a community college. The important thing is that their education will have cost less than if they had gone straight to the bigger school out of high school.

Not everyone wants to go to college though, and that is especially the case if funds are lacking. Jobs for high school graduates are in more demand than ever as many 18 year old’s choose to try to go straight into the workforce. That way they will be making money right from the start rather than spending it.

Unfortunately with the unemployment rate so high, that is now more difficult to do than in years past. Just finding a job can be problematic and finding one that pays more than minimum wage can be almost impossible for kids without much experience. So, while the job route might have worked well in the past, today’s youngsters are finding it hard to get noticed and get hired.

Stay Local or Travel

I had an interesting discussion with a few students this weekend, primarily on the subject of where is best to study?  The group where split between looking to study at a college nearby your home and those who wanted to study as far away as possible!  There’s probably no right or wrong answer but I must admit I did side with those who were a little bit more adventurous.  For me studying at college is about more than just the subject you study, it’s about taking those first tenuous steps into real life.  One of my endearing memories on my first term away from home is trying to figure out how I got my clothes clean.   It sounds stupid but the thought had never, ever, occured to me, but eventually I found myself in a laundrette.  I made loads of mistakes there, but slowly realised what I needed to take, how  the machines worked and by the end of my degree I actually rather enjoyed it.


Of course, if I’d lived near home I’d never have bothered with this problem, simply delivering my laundry back home to my mom every weekend.  It sounds trivial but I think it’s a great example of learning to become self sufficient.  There needs to be a time when you learn to take those first few steps of actually running  your own life, I think college is a great time to do this.  In reality you don’t need to be too far away to achieve this, anywhere will do as long as the move doesn’t involve a weekly trip back home.  I can certainly see the benefits of living at home and going to a local college – financially it’s a whole lot cheaper.

But if funds allow, I’d advise getting as far away from home as practical. If you’re wealthy, try another country, especially if you’ve got a language element to your course.  Where would it be best to learn Italian, downtown Chicago or a college in Napoli?  You’ll be sad, nervous and indeed somewhat homesick but the experience will be so much more rewarding.  IN fact in the internet age, it’s so easy to stay in touch with home using Skype, email and messaging systems.  If you’re a bit lonely you can normally use a VPN or proxy server to connect back to home related TV stations too.  When my friend went to study in America he used a security program which allowed him to watch BBC TV anywhere, it was he said a vital link to back home – here’s how  Not sure I’d miss my American TV stations as much, but then again perhaps I might.

The simple truth is that where you study is often restricted by other factors but if you have the chance I’d urge you to get as far away from home as possible !!!

Further Reading

With Thanks – Joe Simpson, BBC iPlayer Australia

Improve Your Basketball Skills At College

Every basketball player and enthusiast knows the secret to becoming a great athlete. More often than not, it all depends on the persons speed, dexterity, agility, endurance, and skills. For every athlete or aspiring basketball superstar, vertical jump exercises are very critical because it will help hone the shooting, rebounding, and blocking skills.

Signing up for an increase vertical jump program will help you in achieving your desired vertical jump results. But how would you know that you are signing up for the right one? First of all, assess how much time you could spend in doing your workouts. If you have a job, can you wake up at least two hours before your normal waking hours to commit to your new workout plan?


As soon as you have an idea on how much time you could spend doing your workout, research on what type of workout would give the maximum results given the time that you will do your workout. If you have extra budget you can even sign up for the services of a professional trainer or coach. Your coach can analyze the suitable workout routine for you and could assess how much improvement you need.

It is also useful to consult a professional so that injuries due to improper workout can be avoided at all costs. When you already know what type of workout you will be doing, make sure that you religiously adhere to your schedule so your body will continuously adapt to your new exercise routine. It will also help in achieving results better and faster.

The key to achieving a higher vertical jump would be determination. If you are determined to stick to your workout plan through and through, you will surely see improvements in your performance and the hard work that you gave in will definitely pay off.

Further Reading on International Sports, through the world accessing through a fast VPN server details in references below.

Watch TV3 Online – TV3 TV channel available in UK and USA.

Fast USA Proxy – All US Sports Channel and News.


FAFSA and Paying for College

Wells Fargo still works with studentsSo once again we’re coming up on the yearly FAFSA deadline and college students have to wonder how the federal government may, or may not choose to change the rules once again.

The incredible thing to me is that our parents and grandparents generation has benefited greatly from Medicaid, Medicare and generous pension benefits provided by the companies they worked for.  Unfortunately, they don’t seem willing to even able to see that the younger generations of Americans deserve those same choices.

For college students at the community college level all I can tell you is that you can no longer count on anything resembling long term federal financial aide.  Big banks though will continue lending money to students because unlike Uncle Sam, they know we are good risks who are likely to pay that money back in a timely manner.