Tough Decision: College Or A Job?

Graduating high school seniors in 2013 have a difficult choice between going to an overpriced college or trying to find a job in a down market. It seems either choice might end up being the wrong one.

Everyone knows that college tuition prices have outpaced inflation and are outrageous at many schools. But there is a way to get that degree for less: go to a community college for the first two years and then transfer to a more prestigious school for the last two.  Community colleges usually cost less and their credits will be accepted by most major colleges. A student will end up with a diploma from the bigger, more well known school and no one will ever know they spent the first two years of their schooling in a community college. The important thing is that their education will have cost less than if they had gone straight to the bigger school out of high school.

Not everyone wants to go to college though, and that is especially the case if funds are lacking. Jobs for high school graduates are in more demand than ever as many 18 year old’s choose to try to go straight into the workforce. That way they will be making money right from the start rather than spending it.

Unfortunately with the unemployment rate so high, that is now more difficult to do than in years past. Just finding a job can be problematic and finding one that pays more than minimum wage can be almost impossible for kids without much experience. So, while the job route might have worked well in the past, today’s youngsters are finding it hard to get noticed and get hired.