Multi Channel Communications & Community College Courses

The literal  definition of multichannel communications is:’communication in which there are two or more communication channels over the same path, such as a communication cable, or a radio transmitter which can broadcast on two different frequencies, either individually or simultaneously.’

Although this is obviously not the intended definition in the business sense of the phrase, useful conclusions can still be drawn. The transmitting and receiving of simultaneous data is an important aspect of this marketing term. And these multi faceted directions of communication are aimed not only at the customer, but also internally within a business. The ultimate aim is to connect with the customer in a meaningful way and to capture their attention and finally their business, but all the time still gathering client data.



Multichannel communications encompasses many different forms of communication. Typically multichannel communications include messages into data that is already being delivered through two or more media channels, such as original print like postal mail and printed posters, email, web, telephone and of course stereotypical social media sites. It is all about communicating in the existing business to customer (B2C), and business to business (B2B) models. In order to be the most effective and successful that it can be in its quest to gain more business, multichannel communications must approach the client in the channels that are most preferred and frequented by them.


The three biggest communication channels within multichannel communications are usually intranet, social and email. The intranet is at the core of most organisations since it is used as a central information hub for both the employees and employers. Social communication is really useful in that it is the voice of the business, but also works two ways, in that it is great for receiving feedback. And finally email, which is really self evident.


Multichannel communications is an important marketing tool in that since it has a variety of media routes from which to choose from, it can tailor itself to offer the right thing to the right person at the right time, in the most effective manner. This means the target is more specific and therefore more relevant. The resulting effect is an improved market awareness for the user from better responses that should result in better returns.


As shown, multichannel communications, if implemented correctly, and above all considering the target audience, can be a really effective method of driving business in such a way that is not intrusive or aggressive in its implementation, but is highly effective.



There are many colleges in the UK and US which specialise in teaching the integrate art of multi-channel communication marketing.

Is Studying at College Really Worthwhile Anymore?

It’s a debate that’s being enacted throughout the world, rising costs mean that the price of a higher education is more than ever before.  So is a degree or diploma worth the costs, is it worthwhile leaving college with a huge student loan to start off your working life?  In Europe that statistics are quite chilling – countries like Spain and Greece have huge numbers of graduates – up to 40% of young people have a degree level education.  It sounds positive until you meet them – highly educated young people who have been unemployed for years.

When you speak to a microbiologist with a post graduate degree who has never had a real job in her life.  Unemployed for three years after completing a gruelling degree and burdened with thousands of Euros of debt as well.  You start to think seriously – is it all worth it.  High levels of education has not protected Europe from the recession, in many ways the jobs that graduates traditionally seek were the first casualities of the recesssion.  We are left with low level, low skilled jobs which graduates are actually at a disadvantage in applying for.



Would you employ a graduate with a masters in Physics to clean your offices?  Or would you suspect that they’d disappear for something better at the first opportunity? Unfortunately for our graduates in most places there is nothing better and low skilled jobs are all that there are.  Of course the recession has another impact on Government spending, meaning that welfare support is also being slashed to manage the huge deficits.

Of course the jobs situation would likely be even more depressing if suddenly the numbers going to college dropped.  Those numbers of 30,40 or even 50% of unemployed young people would spiral even higher. It is also essential for any economy that young people are educated, high levels of education have a large impact on economic success, even though it doesn’t always seem that.

What is essential is that the financial burdens on our students is limited as much as possible.  Loan schemes and deferred payment options help students study without the crippling levels of debt that act as serious disincentive.  There is hope through the medium of the internet in reducing the cost of traditional education.  Online education is seen as the future, with already many of the world’s most successful universities offering courses online.  Any student with a reasonable internet connection, a laptop or PC, can sign on an complete a course at one of the best universities in the world.  It’s a huge benefit and shows that the internet is not all about playing games, messing about on Facebook or watching movies on the American Netflix !

Education is essential to building a successful and well rounded society.  People with degrees are proven to contribute and take part more in society, for instance volunteering for charities and voting.

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An Online Teaching Career?

Now if you were compiling a short list of careers that would lead you to riches, then it’s very probable that teaching wouldn’t rank highly on them.  teachers across the world are generally not driven by money and more by the other rewards that come with a career in education.  However the world is changing and the internet is opening up many opportunities for all sorts of career diversification including teachers.

Take for example, a young Portuguese web developer who started posting videos abut programming languages on YouTube.  He posted them up as a sort of online virtual notebook, to refresh his memory and keep up to speed with the language he didn’t use much.  Yet soon they gathered a bit of a following, an increase in subscribers and soon he was receiving requests to extend the courses and even develop more content.

The young man did his best to add more courses but it wasn’t until he was contacted by the Udemy organisation that he began to consider the possibilities.  Udemy broadcast courses in an online environment, one which allows limited interaction, notes and feedback centred around a core video course.   In all an ideal environment for broadcasting a web developer course online. Udemy allowed you to charge a fee for the course of which the presenter takes 70% and the company 30% for providing the facilities and customers.

The developer who’s name was Victor quickly expanded his offerings and completed a full course, taking anyone from beginner to a web developer with skills in a variety of languages. The course was initially offered at about 50 bucks but when completed the price was raised to $189 for the 220 individual lessons.  Which meant that it was within reach of anyone with an internet connection and a PC/laptop or even a VPN enabled iPad – like this.

In about a year and a half the freelance web developer who was earning about $20000 a year had earned well over four hundred thousand dollars from his online courses.  His story is not alone, Udemy is bringing education to the masses and making some teachers with an aptitude for online delivery rather a lot of money at the same time.

It’s a story with very little negatives, education is expanded to anyone with an internet connection across the world.  It also drastically reduces the costs for learning new skills – check this out.  For educators it also opens up a whole new market at which they can make money from.