Eastern Maine Neighborhood College Suffers Hacking Attack

EMCC in Bangor, Maine, has reported an information security issue after they was discovered malware had infected many of the computers in the college. Although this has not been confirmed, it is suspected that some data has been stolen. This includes individual info of employees, related to Eastern Maine college, it is also potentially affected around 42,000 existing and past students. The security breach involved the installation of a trojan horse, which was probably the method in which the data was stolen.

A representative of Easter Maine College stated in one of its e-mails that it was possibly being over cautious but was alerting some 42,000 existing and former students and staff members of the possibility that personal details have possibly been exposed as a result of the infection.”

A caution was also released by the school on 17 August that though there was no evidence that any direct information loss had occurred. There is a possibility that some individual data such as name, Social Security Number, date of birth, and address, as well as a couple of usernames and passwords coming from the college domain in addition to email accounts might have been accessed.

Based on a statement issued on 17 August, 2018, the victims of the breach are supposedly the students of the school from the year 1998 summertime to 2018 summer, and also the staff members working between the year 2008 and 2018.

“We very much regret the trouble or concern this occurrence might cause. EMCC takes seriously the protection of individual details, and our efforts to enhance and strengthen our electronic security are ongoing,” stated Lisa Larson, EMCC President, on 17 August.

The EMCC President even more included that it is truly unfortunate that various organizations all over the world are a growing number of becoming targets of the hackers, as it took place in the case of EMCC.

We live in an increasingly interconnected world too, and these attacks can be orchestrated from anywhere in the world. Many countries have little interest in fighting cyber crime and therefore the attackers are relatively safe in these jurisdictions. It is also important that users at the college should follow all college policies when using their computers on campus. Accessing non-educational resources and attempting to access dubious sites can put the entire network at risk. Using things like proxies and non standard US DNS servers to access Netflix is also not permitted in the acceptable use policy of the college.

EMOTET is found to be the malware that is associated with this EMCC occurrence, which according to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security is among the most damaging malware existing on the internet. As soon as a user clicks or opens a destructive document or a link, the malware begins contaminating the computer. The minute the malware gets downloaded into a system, its worm-like properties spread through quickly causing a network-wide infection that is extremely difficult to fight.

EMCC spokesperson said that they have reported this event to the police. The spokesperson even more added that they are investigating on the breach and checking security protocols of the college. They have also offered identity remediation services and complimentary credit keeping track of to the impacted people.



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Netherlands brings Crypto into the Classroom

There are many educators who passionately believe that it’s important to keep updating the educational curriculum at all levels. It’s surprisingly easy to allow courses to become outdated or even worse less than relevant to students lives. Some subjects of course are easier than others to keep updated, lessons like languages and some of the sciences are quite easy to adapt to modern times but others less so.

Many suggest that this failure to adapt some areas of the curriculum to the modern age, are responsible for shortages in certain subject areas. For example there are huge shortages of maths and science teachers in many developed countries across the world. It is often thought that these subjects need updating and instilling more relevance to the core lessons of the subject. Mathematics is one of those areas and it’s important to use current situations and technology to illustrate the part this subject plays in our daily lives.

Just like many educational departments have drastically updated their technology courses, then maths is seen as another target for improvement. Showing how maths can be used in the modern digital age is very useful. Perhaps implementing the algorithms used in encrypting servers in order to protect privacy or install the latest configuration of sneaker proxies which can be the start of a thriving eBay empire. Other important and interesting topics are studying the mathematics behind bitcoin and blockchain which are likely to become a much bigger part of our lives.

According to a very rough translation of the test paper passing around on Reddit, Dutch college students were presented the following question and introduction:

” Bitcoin is an electronic currency that solely exists online. It has survived since January 1st, 2009, and can be used as payment method in ecommerce sites and with regard to other internet services. Bitcoin is certainly not, like traditional money, created by a central bank. Rather, all bitcoin which exist are simply created by having computers take part in resolving particular mathematical problems. This operates as follows: everyone is able to run special software on his or her computer that participates in working out such an arithmetical problem. The owner of the computer that solves the problem obtains 25 (recently created) bitcoin as a prize. Due to the fact that it was the case that in 2014 such a problem is resolved every 10 minutes, 25 new bitcoins were simply created each and every 10 minutes. On January 1st, there were (approximately) 12.2 million bitcoin.”

Following from the preceding overview, pupils were actually asked to deal with five assorted mathematical problems. The questions asked that students “determine in exactly what year the volume of bitcoin went above 18 million,” “compute from which year during the reward will be actually less than one bitcoin,” “calculate the greatest quantity of bitcoin that could be in circulation,” in addition to posing addition challenges based on the formula used to figure out the previously mentioned queries.

Netherlands Starting to Embrace Crypto Technology

Dutch Senior High School Examination Features Bitcoin-Themed questions. The released test has already been supplied to students complying with increasing awareness of cryptocurrency on the part of Holland’s companies.

During March, the Court of Amsterdam determined that bitcoin displays “properties of wealth” whilst settling a civil rights case concerning an individual pursuing repayment from an unfinished agreement concerning bitcoin mining. The court concluded that “bitcoin represents a value and is transferable” and “thus shows characteristics of a property. A claim for remittance in Bitcoin is, for that reason, to be regarded as a claim that qualifies for verification.”

Using electronic cash is more important as the level of e-commerce develops, there are already many forms but nothing as advanced and flexible as using crypto currency.  The privacy part is essential too, if you’re investing in some secure virtual private network in order to enjoy your match of the Day stream from some foreign country – it’s useful to be able to pay anonymously and discretely. Obviously there are dangers too, in that technology like this can be used by criminals and terrorists which is another reason we need mathematicians to develop and improve the technology and it’s implementation.

Earlier this month, the minister of the Dutch Blockchain Coalition, Rob van Gijzel, delivered a national blockchain research agenda, which in turn had been commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy. The ministry had developed a designated board, TopTeam ICT, entrusted with investigating the potential legal, economic, and ethical significance of dispersed ledger technology in the Netherlands.

More Colleges Opt Out From Football

For many, the community college system has represented a last chance to continue playing high level football. High school players who aren’t going to Universities have previously had to stop playing of start looking for amateur leagues at a lower levels. The community college network provides a way for continuing and indeed sometimes launching professional football careers.

The state community school district will eliminate soccer following the 2018 season. Citing constraints, Maricopa County Community College District officials said Monday they’re ending the district sponsored soccer programs at the four schools that have soccer: Glendale, Scottsdale, Mesa and Phoenix public schools. District spokesman Matt Hasson said the choice to get rid of the game wasn’t made lightly. Even though this is a disappointment to our student athletes, coaching staff, and soccer fans, it’s finally the right decision for the district and the long lasting success of pupils, he explained in a statement. As an important resource for the community and companies, MCCCD must be accountable for the financial resources it’s been entrusted with.

Last year, a working group submitted recommendations to Chancellor Maria Harper Marinick with the possibility of soccer being cut. But district officials announced in October they’d continue the soccer applications, that makes this week’s announcement to eliminate soccer a surprise. This really is a killer’. This really is a killer for children that are scholarship players right out of highschool, Casa Grande High School coach Jake Barro explained. Arizona makes it particularly difficult, he explained, due to That the nation has only two universities of the national associations of intercollegiate athletic Universities which play no universities and soccer in Division II or Division III.

Vail Cienega high school coach Pat Nugent explained that schools have helped Arizona children develop emotionally and physically for higher levels. We may have so many players miss out on an opportunity to go play soccer even when it was only for two more years in school. Four out of the district’s 10 schools offer school football, a game that’s seen as a last hope for high school players that want to continue their passion. 20 percent of athletics spending budget, 50% of insurance costs.  It’s a time of lots of competing sports from all over the world of course, and American football is often one of the most difficult and expensive sports to run.  Lots of US children are becoming interested in ‘soccer’ for example watching from the UK through programmes like Match of the Day live on TV – watch this.

District officials said that the decision of the state to eliminate funds to the community schools several years past played a part in the decision.

They also looked at national trends. Of the 530 member schools In the National Junior College Athletic Association, just 65 sponsor soccer applications, officials said. MCCCD officials say soccer makes up 20% of the district’s total athletic spending budget and is accountable for more than 50% of insurance costs. Ongoing costs to keep the soccer programs could top $20 million in needed capital improvements and associated expenses, officials said. Phoenix St. Mary’s High School coach Tommy Brittain called the choice to eliminate junior school football unlucky for the many high schools soccer players that can compete in the next level, but haven’t yet been recruited. He say others just need a couple of years to develop their potential as an athlete or they lack the financial assistance that playing out of state usually requires.

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Developing Education Through Technology

Education has changed in many ways over the last few decades, but perhaps the biggest one has been the role of technology. The internet, computers and mobile phones are now an intrinsic part of the educational experience. Twenty years ago, there was a chance that a pupil who was assigned a task would look it up or visit a library. Nowadays though, in 99% of cases the pupil would almost certainly use the internet as their first point of reference at least if they were living in the developed part of the world.

This is obviously much more convenient, although it does bring it with many issues.  One of the most important is obviously about the authority and accuracy of such sources, a random blog compared to a published encyclopedia for example.   Obviously some sites are better than others, many students worldwide use a VPN to access the BBC site which has high editorial standards matching most publications.

In the current age we are living in, technology became a significant component. Every day there’s a new gadget or software that makes life easier and improves technology and applications that already exists. Making lives easier isn’t, but the only role that technology plays in our life. Technology is playing an increasing role in education. As technology advances, it’s used to benefit students of all ages within the learning process. Technology utilized in the class room helps students adsorb the material. For instance, since some individuals are visual learners, projection screens connected to computers can allow students to see their notes instead of listening to a tutor deliver a lecture.

Software may be utilized to supplement class curriculum. The applications provide study questions, actions, and even quizzes and tests to get a class that may help students continue learning outside the classroom. Technology has also become part of the curriculum outside of the standard computer and technology classes. Students use computers to create presentations and use the world wide web to research topics for essays and papers.

Pupils learn how to use the technology available to them in technology and computer classes. This helps to ensure that after graduation they’ll be capable to use the technology in work environment, which might put them ahead of somebody who did not have access to a certain technology or applications in their very own school setting.  technology can be used in virtually any subject area, for example accessing BBC News streaming abroad is great for current affairs, politics and a host of other classes.

As technology advances, students have better access to educational opportunities like these. When something new and better is revealed, the old technology becomes more affordable, enabling it for use in educational settings, even when schools are on a budget. Technology has also advanced to help kids even before they have started school. Educational video games and systems for young kids helps them to prepare for school and in several cases get a head start on their education. There are individuals who might say kids are spoiled by technology. Rather than being in a position to add a long column of numbers within their heads, for instance, they turn into a calculator. Irrespective of those arguments, technology is a significant part of today’s society. By integrating it into the class room, students will be better equipped to transition from the class room to the work area.

Why Community College’s are Becoming More Popular

For years, community colleges have been seen as a second option perhaps for people unable to continue to traditional colleges and Universities. Now though times have changed and these colleges are often being chosen because of their flexible courses and options over other colleges. One of the other reasons is that the rising costs of college education means that students are looking for these flexible options where fees are smaller and more part time options are available.

More important now employers are starting to appreciate the value of a Community college education which produces well educated, adaptable and driven graduates. In fact the community college may be a fantastic location for you to start your post-secondary education. You may earn an associate diploma or certificate to enter the workplace, or you may opt to continue your education on a bachelor’s degree by transferring credit to a on-line university or a 4-year institution.

You can even use these credits to support study in a foreign country, with most developed nations having some sort of scheme for transferring credits from US colleges.  For example check out some of the UK’s educational establishments which can evaluate and accept these qualifications.  You can research these online perhaps start at the BBC education pages or through the BBC iPlayer application.  To access these from the USA, have a look at this page which explains how to access the BBC from Ireland – but the principle is the same.

Here are some of the great reasons to Select a community college’s education program:

Reason .1: Conserve Costs in Tuition Price

If you’re tight on your education funds to pursue a diploma offered by the majority of universities and colleges which may cost you over $100,000 to complete the degree program, then enrolling into a community school program can assist you to accomplish very comparable academic successes at a fraction of the cost.

Reason .2: Most Credits From Community College Are Transferable

You may take your preliminary core classes at community college and after that move to a university or college bachelor schedule for continuous education. Vast majority of college and universities accept transfer credit from community schools. By accepting your preliminary core classes at community school will save your money whilst permitting you to follow a transitional path to independent living.

Reason .3: Enable You To Develop Vocational Skills

In case you’ve enter workplace with an overall degree like liberal arts degree, then community school is a fantastic place to hone your skills on specific area that related to your career field. You’ll come across many education programs offered by community schools are related to career fields that could assist you to develop professional abilities to handle your job professionally. Furthermore, almost all these college education applications can be completed in 1 to 2 years; you can salvage your time to complete the same subject areas offered in a 4-year degree offered by other schools and universities.

Reason .4: Locate Strategic Places

Community schools are frequently located in the hearts of towns or cities where you’ll discover it convenience to travel with a public transportation to and from your classes, and also spare you in term of car and gas expenses.  As mentioned above it also may allow access to study programmes in other countries.  For example in Europe, Germany has a very open and inclusive educational programme with much of it delivered in English.   Check out the German education site, you may need a german proxy like this to access from the USA.

Reason .5: Small Class Size

The class size in community schools usually small and they only accept limited registration making you get lots of one-on-one attention from instructors.

Reason .6: Flexible Learning Schedule

If you’re a working person who has issues to fix your time to attend the classes, then community school learning schedule may meet your needs. Vast majority of community college education applications have some sort flexible schedule for you to choose and attend your class that match to your time. Beside this, you may work with the instructors to make up missed coursework on-line, empower you to enjoy the advantages of education in a pace which makes sense. Furthermore, many of education programs offered by community colleges can be seen in on-line diploma format, making it a great option for working adults and new parents to bag their desired degree on-line and in their very own learning rate.

Everyday Research Changes Lives

There is no doubt there can be a certain glamour to being a scientist, but that very much depends on where and what you research.  For every scientist appearing on the media every week in CERN there’s thousands of others quietly going about their own research.

Due no doubt partly to the media people are apt to think of scientists as busy trying to push the boundaries of our knowledge by doing such things as accelerating sub-atomic particles around a big tunnel in Switzerland or searching for microbes in the Arctic Circle. When the average person imagines a scientific genius he or she normally thinks of Einstein. Often we think the great minds are mavericks like Tesla that were misunderstood and ridiculed during their lives.

This is all partly true. However, the majority of research in engineering and science is not about radical new paradigms and ways of doing things. Rather it is about improving on existing systems; on finding new sources for resources; of making resources go farther.

Science is now reaching our TV screens more than ever and media companies are latching on to this.  Many of the BBC’s most successful programmes are based on science and technology and most of them sell well after broadcast too.  It’s worth checking out their site regularly and you can even access the BBC when abroad just follow this advice.

One such example is the case of the electrical motor. With Edison’s DC current it was found that a drive shaft would not do a 360 degree rotation because current had to be turned on and off around the casing of the shaft to create the right electromagentic conditions for movement. The solution was braided copper brushes that made contact as the drive shaft rotated thus transferring current.

It was found that the solution could be greatly improved by using carbon blocks instead. Graphite has a higher electrical resistance and allows for a more regular transference of power as the shaft rotates. Although not brush like anymore these pieces of carbon were still called ’brushes’.

Much work has been done using different compositions of graphite in carbon brushes. Also in adding metalic elements to the carbon brushes. These varying compositions all affect the performance of different types of engine. Thus, today we are able to manufacture carbon brushes that fit a multitude of engines. Research is now underway to make liquid metal brushes.

It is important that scientists and engineers work on improving our exisiting technologies as well as trying to build completely new types of technology. Perhaps, the media needs to do more in changing stereotypes to address this dual need.

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Educational Dilemma – Is Censorship OK?

It’s a difficult problem facing most educational centers who allow access to the internet – how much should be restricted?   In an ideal world of course it would be great to basically allow unfettered access but unfortunately some students (and teachers) would be bound to abuse this situation.  Fortunately most methods now allow a fairly granular set of policies to be applied to a college or school internet connection.

The basis of most filtering technologies are white lists and black lists.  These contain sites which should always be allowed through and those on the black lists which will always be blocked.   Groups of sites can be applied to these filters – for example you can put all pornography sites in the black list so that they can never be accessed.  You should also include the sites which can be used to bypass the filters in the black list – such as ninja proxy and VPN sites used commonly for access media sites like BBC iPlayer in France.  It is essential you block these sites or installing the filter is pointless.

Alongside the technology should also be a set of procedures and policies.  Arguably the most  important is the ‘Acceptable Use Policy’ which tells all users of the network what they can and can’t do.  There is no need to be too specific in this document otherwise it could get rather large.   The document should however clearly state what is not acceptable when using the educational network.   It is also important to state that all activities are logged by the owners – which in itself should deter inappropriate use.

With these basic restrictions in place, there is no real need to implement any heavy handed censorship policies.  In fact these can sometimes be counter productive with users either not using the network or discovering ways to bypass any filters you implement.  If a network is heavily filtered it will create extra support requests when legitimate sites are blocked by accident

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Useful Tips on Starting Your First Research Project

It ought to be the rewarding and most satisfying piece of work – a student’s first research project. More times than not, yet; preparation, carrying out and writing up research, be it job, dissertation or a thesis becomes a wellspring of great anxiety and worry for a lot of pupils.

Within my ability as a research manager, especially bearing this particular at heart I put the following guidance notes for my pupils, which I trust you may find of some use.
Getting Started

Often the primary thing you will be requested to do would be to submit, or in minimum think about putting together a job/research proposition. Any general thoughts at this point, you have will likely be too obscure or overly comprehensive.

The great thing about putting together a project or research proposal so shortly to the method is that it’s going to make you refine your thoughts earlier as opposed to after. What follows, was made to get you considering the crucial phases that were first in the research procedure.

Phase 1: Developing a focus in just a broad area of interest.

This phase of the research procedure presumes you have an overall research notion at heart. I can not emphasise because it actually will discover finally you do and how easily your research goes.

That practicality and values should be considered in developing your focus of inquest recall.

Another good thing about narrowing your focus is when running your literature review you will possess a structured search strategy in place. It may seem obvious but having a definite idea about what to search for will save you energy plus precious time.

Most subject areas may have an established system of research, unless you happen to be studying something exceptional. In such instances you must familiarise yourself with the conventional/classic studies in the area, in addition to the research that is most up to date.   Obviously libraries are going to be essential but the internet is also a valuable source of information.  Using web sites is ok, but they should always be properly cited and you should ensure they are accurate. Often it’s useful to invest in a VPN system which can give you access to sites that are only available in specific countries.  A useful example is that you can only access BBC iPlayer from Ireland in this way, hiding your real location from the BBC web servers.

The primary strategy to show and keep your focus of inquiry will be to develop suitable research questions or hypotheses. There are not any hard and fast rules about what makes up a great research question/hypothesis. However, there is a practical guideline that you will be able to offer an obvious justification for the question/prediction being modeled.

Basically you have warrant each research question/hypothesis in turn’s inclusion and to take it. By The Way, you need to be able to offer the same reasoning for the research).

Developing research questions that are clear-cut and easy doesn’t mean you can’t undertake research that is advanced. You’ll learn should you be to the correct path if you answer these queries, and can ask yourself.

  • What am I expecting to investigate in the length of my research?
  • What’s the thinking behind the research questions/hypotheses of my study?
  • Am I able to get an extensive range of background stuff?
  • Can it be comparatively uncomplicated to gain access to my target public?
  • Am I on ethically safe ground?

The very best guidance I can provide you in the initial phases is to remember to get it right before you begin. keep it straightforward and be realistic. Recall research is a procedure, and you may be evaluated how good that procedure is undertaken by you.

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Benefits of a Community College Education

Because unlike four-year colleges, community colleges usually do not employ graduate novices to teach. Textbooks are an essential portion of having your college degree. Obviously, it’s all up to a student to get the most out of their college experience. It may be difficult for any person who works to get a college degree or maybe to increase upon their present degree of education.

In case you are graduating from higher school or even a parent of the graduate, you may well be taking a look at colleges and wondering in case the superior expense of college tuition is really worth it. The internet schools will commonly have access to sources for tuition like college loans and grants. Students may enjoy the particular credit and non-credit courses offered. College textbooks can be extremely pricey, but students need to have them.

I’ve had so many problems with this specific school it’s unbelievable. I’d prevent any site that claims to provide such a diploma, even in the event the other offerings seem legitimate. Non-transferrable classes usually do not permit the student afford the credit to a different school.

Quality used and new textbooks in great condition may be purchased on-line, often for less money compared to the price of those exact books available in the college bookstore. You can get textbooks at your own college’s bookstore. Go to the college’s fiscal aid office if at all possible. If you can, tour the campus to attain a feel for how you are going to fit in.

Obtaining a degree on the internet is an excellent tool for busy folks, and those who find they’re not able enough to relocate as a way to attend college in person. With the arrival of online nursing classes, more people can receive their degree and offer essential medical care to the folks of your own community. Top-level managers and significant school students are among the many folks who are enrolled as students nation-wide. Once classes start the student will log in their internet classroom.

Of course, the internet has caused something of a revolution in the education sector. Most of the large universities are offering online courses and some of the community colleges are seeing this as a further opportunity to diversify and gain access to experienced tutors and professors. There are some restrictions but just as a student can bypass region locking despite a Netflix VPN block so most resources on the internet are accessible with some effort

Selecting the best college is frequently a complicated approach. As a way to get the most out of your college experience, participation is imperative. Work together with the college’s fiscal aid counselors. Most of it’s going to the interest you didn’t pay during college.

Balancing employment as well as home life in addition to college, along with the work that appears with it, can be very an overwhelming job. `There are plenty of students who are really interested in your efforts, but can’t act as they are also current students.’ The readers want to understand who you are, how you’d fit, and what you’d bring to the university. The inquiry you’ve to ask yourself, and I’d like you to truly watch the video below in full, that should you choose to visit college know it will be tough financially in addition to mentally and physically demanding.

The standard university program is probably the absolute most time consuming approach to secure a degree, but can likewise be one of the absolute most enriching. On-line schools are a really good way to acquire a degree in a briefer quantity of time too. Check with your own community college or university to realize if they provide waivers or reduced tuition. Most college sites will obtain a listing of courses that you’re registered in.

Tuition reimbursement programs provided by employers are a fantastic means to save money on education. The government doesn’t discriminate owing to your age. Frequently, family troubles or tragedies occur, health difficulties make it very hard to continue, or in several cases, students within the military have been shipped overseas. It’ll be the United States that will suffer later on for a whole.

Your college lifestyle provides you with powerful stories to share during your lifestyle and supply you with feelings of pride, happiness, regret, and sometimes even sadness that one can share with people who will come into your own life in the foreseeable future. Your everyday living and work experience allows you to assist and inspire others at college too. Heck, you most likely deserved the degree anyway, as you have led this kind of exemplary existence. State cleary, your accreditation is pending.

Oftentimes, people have perfectly sensible explanations for why they can’t finish a class. Unfortunately, there is frequently a mandatory preparation class which you must attend to qualify to choose the test. The single stipulation is you must be enrolled at least half-time. There is quite a few loan programs out there.

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New York College Closes it’s Doors

Many feel it is a fate awaiting thousands of private colleges across the US, as the 48 year old Dowling College has finally had to close down.  It is not unexpected with many students and staff were already aware of the fact that the college was struggling with rising levels of debt combined with a fall in enrollment numbers.

Albert Inserra released a statement this week –

“As painful as this announcement is, we want the student body, faculty and alumni to know that we made every effort to form a suitable academic affiliation so that we could keep the college open.”

The college had supplied for almost 50 years undergraduate and graduate courses in criminal justice and some aviation programs for up to 2400 students. Although it was well known that the college had been struggling for years with numbers falling consistently over the last few years particularly.

There were other rumours that the college was not particularly well run, there have been seven different presidents over the last 12 years. Other issues included allegations of money paid by the college to businesses linked to the Board of Trustees, apparently more than $4 million.

The school was founded in 1955 as part of an expansion of Adelphi University, it became a separate institution in 1968 taking the name of it’s principal benefactor Robert Dowling who was a well known aviator and New York City Planner. It’s campus is set in beautiful grounds and as such it is not known what will happen to them.

It is surprising that Dowling couldn’t attract more students because it’s very well situated and the college courses would seem to be in popular areas. Certainly criminal justice is often cited as a growth area even in times of austerity. However the supply of these courses has also grown, in a phenomenon some have referred to as the CSI factor. The field is likely to improve too as there are growing opportunities in related fields such as forensics for example. Crime is becoming increasingly technical, for example online crime takes specialist skills to encompass computer crime. People frequently use techniques and VPNs not just to stream Wimbledon live like I do but to encrypt and hide their connections.

John Collins
IP Specialist