French Businesses want Academic Change

It’s a position that is held by many businesses throughout the world – are students leaving higher education ready for work?  There is criticism that many education organisations are teaching a much too narrow academic syllabus that has limited value in the real world.

For example to take one example, there is often an inclination within the IT sector to take on non-technology graduates for graduate programming positions.  The reason is that some Universities teach coding languages that are not used and that learning these languages makes it actually more difficult to learn the languages that businesses do use.   It’s a crazy situation where in some instances you’re actually putting yourself at a disadvantage by studying for a degree in a subject.

Youth unemployment in France is a huge problem currently at around 26% with little sign of it falling.  The Government is taking a proactive stance by rolling out a variety of state subsidized jobs in order to get young people the skills and experience that they lack.

The other tactic is to look towards the French Universities and colleges to help better equip young people for the transition from education to employment.  One of the difficulties French students face is that they often lack ‘group skills’ like presentation, teamwork and project management skills.  Traditionally French students are taught in a very traditional way, rarely getting involved in group projects or course work especially those studying humanities subjects.  Businesses really value these skills and they would make students much more employable when they leave education.

The other areas that businesses want is technology skills and also knowledge of other languages particularly English.  English is still the language of the multinational to a large degree and it’s a vital skill in a large international company.

Many students are forced to try and develop these skills themselves outside their academic work.  Many students in Paris business schools try to spend some time watching the news and finance reports from London in order to improve their English.  Fortunately you can access the BBC now from France on a computer by using a technique to hide your IP address – this video BBC Iplayer France shows how.

The other area which has been identified in French education is the lack of digital skills and awareness across most courses.  For example there isn’t a single Tourism course in France which covers e-commerce – which is where the rest of the planet is starting to book it’s flights and holidays online.

Its an area where many community colleges actually offer more value, teaching courses which are often much more vocational with real business skills.  Of course, not all education can be focused in this way, often certain academic subjects are best taught in a traditional format.

Careers – Opportunities are Global

When you’re looking for a new role or career, it’s easy to get stuck looking in same old places.  Of course it depends on your qualifications but the career market now is truly global.  It pays to look outside the box and investigate all sorts of avenues not just roles directly linked to your studies.

For instance here’s a selection of roles picked off the BBC web site working for the world famous BBC

BBC Afrique Reporter – based in Johannesburg you’ll be reporting and covering breaking news, sport, art, business and features from the area.  You’ll be producing reports for broadcast on radio, BBC Africa and the BBC website.  You’ll need qualifications in journalism and the ability to broadcast in both French and English.

Strategy and Business Development Manager – based in the London Media Centre.  This role offers the opportunity to work on major strategic questions in a rapidly changing industry.  Reporting to Head of Strategy you’ll be responsible for leading strategic projects from start to finish with minimal support.  You’ll need strong strategy experience and substantial media experience.

Business Analyst Aurora – working for the Aurora project based in London.  The project plans to redefine the BBC technology landscape and the supplier model that supports it.  The role will involve reviewing and reprocuring the services currently provided and engaging with relevant BBC departments.

These are from a media provider and it demonstrates the breadth of roles available in all sorts of companies.  It sounds a simple task but often graduates do little independent research looking for their first roles.  Even if you don’t have enough experience for a role – get in touch it may be that something becomes available.

If you need help on career skills and interview techniques there are a selection of programmes on the BBC website.  If you have difficulty accessing these because of your location – there’s a useful guide here on how to watch BBC Iplayer anywhere – It demonstrates how you can change your IP address and get passed the Geotargeting blocks that many sites use nowadays.

Alternative Method – American DNS for Netflix

Study Options for Students Online

It must be hard to imagine being a student before the age of the internet for todays students.  For those of us who studied before the 1990s, visiting the library was probably a much more regular experience.  Today you can usually access most of the study materials you need online.  Most colleges have an online system available to – some even deliver your book to you if you need the paper copy.

But the internet doesn’t just stop there for study aids, in fact the limit is usually your own imagination.  Take for example studying languages – how many people studying something like French or Italian had to wait for a holiday or a gap year in order to regularly hear and practice with native speakers.  Nowadays you can log on to yoru PC or Xbox and hear a variety of languages spoken in groups and online communities.  One student I knew studying Italian used to login to an Italian Call of Duty clan on the Xbox and play alongside Italians to practice – study certainly wasn’t that fun thirty years ago.


Imagine the benefits to a student of watching TV shows and films in the language you’re trying to learn. In the past this would have been unfeasible to arrange but now it can usually be achieved very easily.  If you’re learning French for example – go and find the M6 Replay site which broadcasts loads of TV shows dubbed in French.

There are some problems in that many of these sites now block access outside their  country but there are ways around it.  You just need to find access to a proxy or VPN server to bounce your connection through.  It sounds more complicated that it is, but basically to watch British TV online for example you just need a proxy in the UK.

You can use any device most use a PC or laptop but the technology can be adapted slightly to use other media devices like tablets and Smartphone.  This post from the above site illustrates how to access foreign sites like the BBC Iplayer on an Ipad, all you are doing really is changing your IP address to match the location of the destination site – there’s a page of information on the previous site –

It’s easy to forget about these resources when you’re studying particularly if you’re college or University doesn’t highlight them. But for most students it enables them to expand their study options and in some cases make if even more fun and effective than traditional learning.

Is Studying at College Really Worthwhile Anymore?

It’s a debate that’s being enacted throughout the world, rising costs mean that the price of a higher education is more than ever before.  So is a degree or diploma worth the costs, is it worthwhile leaving college with a huge student loan to start off your working life?  In Europe that statistics are quite chilling – countries like Spain and Greece have huge numbers of graduates – up to 40% of young people have a degree level education.  It sounds positive until you meet them – highly educated young people who have been unemployed for years.

When you speak to a microbiologist with a post graduate degree who has never had a real job in her life.  Unemployed for three years after completing a gruelling degree and burdened with thousands of Euros of debt as well.  You start to think seriously – is it all worth it.  High levels of education has not protected Europe from the recession, in many ways the jobs that graduates traditionally seek were the first casualities of the recesssion.  We are left with low level, low skilled jobs which graduates are actually at a disadvantage in applying for.



Would you employ a graduate with a masters in Physics to clean your offices?  Or would you suspect that they’d disappear for something better at the first opportunity? Unfortunately for our graduates in most places there is nothing better and low skilled jobs are all that there are.  Of course the recession has another impact on Government spending, meaning that welfare support is also being slashed to manage the huge deficits.

Of course the jobs situation would likely be even more depressing if suddenly the numbers going to college dropped.  Those numbers of 30,40 or even 50% of unemployed young people would spiral even higher. It is also essential for any economy that young people are educated, high levels of education have a large impact on economic success, even though it doesn’t always seem that.

What is essential is that the financial burdens on our students is limited as much as possible.  Loan schemes and deferred payment options help students study without the crippling levels of debt that act as serious disincentive.  There is hope through the medium of the internet in reducing the cost of traditional education.  Online education is seen as the future, with already many of the world’s most successful universities offering courses online.  Any student with a reasonable internet connection, a laptop or PC, can sign on an complete a course at one of the best universities in the world.  It’s a huge benefit and shows that the internet is not all about playing games, messing about on Facebook or watching movies on the American Netflix !

Education is essential to building a successful and well rounded society.  People with degrees are proven to contribute and take part more in society, for instance volunteering for charities and voting.

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An Online Teaching Career?

Now if you were compiling a short list of careers that would lead you to riches, then it’s very probable that teaching wouldn’t rank highly on them.  teachers across the world are generally not driven by money and more by the other rewards that come with a career in education.  However the world is changing and the internet is opening up many opportunities for all sorts of career diversification including teachers.

Take for example, a young Portuguese web developer who started posting videos abut programming languages on YouTube.  He posted them up as a sort of online virtual notebook, to refresh his memory and keep up to speed with the language he didn’t use much.  Yet soon they gathered a bit of a following, an increase in subscribers and soon he was receiving requests to extend the courses and even develop more content.

The young man did his best to add more courses but it wasn’t until he was contacted by the Udemy organisation that he began to consider the possibilities.  Udemy broadcast courses in an online environment, one which allows limited interaction, notes and feedback centred around a core video course.   In all an ideal environment for broadcasting a web developer course online. Udemy allowed you to charge a fee for the course of which the presenter takes 70% and the company 30% for providing the facilities and customers.

The developer who’s name was Victor quickly expanded his offerings and completed a full course, taking anyone from beginner to a web developer with skills in a variety of languages. The course was initially offered at about 50 bucks but when completed the price was raised to $189 for the 220 individual lessons.  Which meant that it was within reach of anyone with an internet connection and a PC/laptop or even a VPN enabled iPad – like this.

In about a year and a half the freelance web developer who was earning about $20000 a year had earned well over four hundred thousand dollars from his online courses.  His story is not alone, Udemy is bringing education to the masses and making some teachers with an aptitude for online delivery rather a lot of money at the same time.

It’s a story with very little negatives, education is expanded to anyone with an internet connection across the world.  It also drastically reduces the costs for learning new skills – check this out.  For educators it also opens up a whole new market at which they can make money from.

Getting the Best Learning Experience in College

Going to college can be an amazing experience and time for you to grows as a person. You need to seize every moment to learn all that you can and become a more rounded informed person. Therefore when you attend college it would be a great idea to take a mix of classes from sociology to world’s religions. In this article I will tell you more about these classes and what you will expect to learn. You can then be prepared to take these classes with an open mind that readies you for the real World.

World religions is one of the best classes you can take. The class wont go into the debatable topics like is mormonism a cult or what parts of the catholic religion might be wrong. But a World’s religion class will give you a brief overview of all the different religions in the World. Whether you are already a religious person or not these lessons will help you grow to be a great human being and make you more understanding of others people’s beliefs.

It can be difficult to access courses on religion though depending on where you are based.  Many countries, particularly some Islamic ones will filter and block all content all religions except Muslim.  In these cases you need to be careful and use a VPN to safely bypass these filters – this UK proxy service will enable you to access religious courses, but note that it also encrypts you connection which is essential in some countries.

Sociology is a great class to take after or before your religious class. In your sociology class you will learn more about why people behave the way that they do. With this insight you will be able to better understand why certain religions believe a certain way. In your sociology class you will also learn to be a lot more open minded to the way people act in their every day lives. You will also find that your socialogy class will help you understand the way people act whether they are religious or not. This will help prepare you for the real world and help you get a job.

Don’t confuse the study of religion with having to be religious in some ways it’s better to approach this subject from an objective point of view. Whether you believe in a particular religion or not, there’s something to be learned from most of the world’s major faiths. They all form part of human history and so are important to all us.

James Simpson, Author of Get a US IP Address, Nomad Magazines, 2012

Starting Something New

It is often difficult to start something new such as a job or a new training course but if we want to take steps to better ourselves and improve then we need to take the steps.

For many mature students starting back with their studies is difficult, not only do they have to come to terms with studying again after years on occasion, but going into this environment that is often filled with younger people can be quite daunting. Why do people put themselves through this then? In order to give themselves better prospects when job hunting is often the key reason as employers will be impressed by people with qualifications and a little bit of experience. Some people already have jobs and want to further their chances of progressing withing the industry and some people may just have an interest in that particular subject and want to learn more.

Studying can make people feel better about themselves and this new found confidence can inspire people to better things. Another way to improve confidence that has been gaining in popularity is cosmetic surgery to correct small imperfections, click here for further information, these small procedures can make people feel a lot better about themselves and can boost confidence allowing the person to do more.

So, whether you are wanting to improve on your knowledge or appearance you will be able to stand taller by the end of it and who knows what that will lead to.

The Best Environment For Business

There is a great deal of administration in running a community college, possibly more so than any other business because not only do you have all of the normal work and employee information to deal with but you will also have the information of the many hundreds of people attending. Collating all this information in a safe and secure manner is an extremely difficult job and requires the right office space to work in. Having a reliable internet connection as well as a reliable phone operator will be imperative  to the smooth running of the business.
Taking all this into account no matter what business you are in you will need to be in a suitable, professional environment with reliable communications systems in place, that is why it is highly recommended to seek out the best possible office space available to you.

Choosing the proper office space to run your business is a substantial aspect. Being able to run a professional company in a sound and suitable environment with everything that you need at your finger tips will be the difference between a company that goes from strength to strength and a company that struggles to make it. In Glasgow there are many options for office space but not all will suit everybodies needs. One place that can give you a superb workspace in the heart of the city is Glasgow Business Centres  with cutting-edge facilities it provides the perfect platform for a company to build on.

It will be well worth taking them into consideration if you happen to be on the lookout for office space in or around Glasgow city centre.

Get Your Finances in Order to Pay for College

Paying for college – even community college – can be a difficult endeavor for many would-be students.  The first step to starting a plan to finance secondary school is to ensure that your finances are in order.  A great way to do that is to utilize a paycheck calculator to determine your take-home pay for each paycheck.

Most people just really take their paychecks without the basic understanding of how and why they were able to come up with such amount. One needs to know how to calculate salary after taxes. It would also be important to know your tax brackets, the income which is taxable, adjustments that need to be done on your tax withholding and even knowing what your gross annual income is.

For the paycheck that one receives, that can be considered as the take-home salary. This is what is left of it after the amounts that your employer takes out. These include taxes and other deductions like health insurance. This article will help you understand what these deductions are and also be able to find an easier way estimate salary after taxes. This is through paycheck calculators. Also, it would no longer be challenging to know your annual taxable income. The wonderful thing about the growing technology that is being built online is that you can already find a web-based paycheck calculator. The paycheck calculator can make estimation on all paycheck taxes and other deductions. This basically helps you understand in a better way your take home pay.

It means that you can help manage you money well, which is especially important for students who have a very limited budget.  Little expenses like investing in the best VPN Netflix can begin to add up especially if you have lots of small direct recurring charges.

You would need a paycheck calculator for doing understanding your pay buy it is also important that you know what deductions you are getting from your employer.  There are a lot of paycheck calculators you can find on the web, and some of these would still require from you some information for the system to calculate what it needs to. The first thing that you need to verify is the Medicare and Social Security tax. One can get information on the current withholding rates for both through the website of the Social Security Administration at It is important to move the decimal point to the left when converting withholding percentages. They need to be moved two places to the left. After which, you can now multiply using the decimal withholding rate and the gross income that is proposed for in a particular pay period. Do this for both the Medicare tax and Social Security tax, then, you can add both calculated deductions. Those two will be deducted from your salary. The next thing to do is to go to the website for the Internal Revenue Services, You would see in there the income tax withholding tables or the wage bracket method. Make sure that you would be looking at the current year’s Employer’s Tax Guide. You would see different tables marked in monthly, semi-monthly, biweekly, weekly or daily periods. There is also a different table for your filing status, whether you are single or married. You also need to look for your withholding allowance column in the same table and your federal withholding tax. The State Withholding tax can be seen on the division of taxation website for the state where you are employed. For you to get the annual salary after tax calculation, divide the yearly salary by number of times you receive paychecks in a given year.
Calculating all of these is much easier with the use of a paycheck calculator.

Further Information,

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