Lack of Education Can Shorten Your Life

It’s sounds rather surprising, but this isn’t the first research to suggest this – education can be related to lifespan. We’re also not talking about a few months either, in fact it was suggested that it could be the difference of about a decade of extra life.


The researchers at the University of Colorado found that leaving school without reasonable qualifications, left people at the mercy of a lifetime of a poor diet, low paid and long manual work plus there was an effect on mental health.

They obviously suggested that widening educational disparities could cause all sorts of social issues beyond the obvious income effects. The data that was checked was from the US population and covered the period of 1925 to the present day.   The studies suggest that the effects of lack of education seem to be increasing too, with mortality rates in the lower educated rising substantially.

It mirrors several other studies including some UK and European ones, in fact there was a documentary covering the effect some years ago on BBC Ireland, might be available here.

The effect can be noticed across the education levels too, with those at A level/High school degree levels living longer than those with less education.  The more education the better so US college/University degrees living even longer – the more education the better as far as longevity is concerned.

 “Our results suggest that policies and interventions that improve educational attainment could substantially improve survival in the U.S. population, especially given widening educational disparities,” said study co-author Dr Patrick Krueger, assistant professor in the Department of Health & Behavioral Sciences at the University of Colorado Denver,

There seems to be some sense in it when you think about it, after all education also shortens your working life slightly whereas someone going straight into manual labour from school would work several years longer.  That may seem insignificant when younger but those years can add up when you get older.  Also many manual jobs can be very difficult cope with mentally for periods of time, as anyone who’s ever worked on a dull production line or tedious manual job will testify too.

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Planning ahead for College

Thinking about what you’re going to do in life can be a daunting thing. How many times have you been having a conversation with a friend about careers, only for one of you to say something like “I’ll worry about that when it comes around”? Planning ahead for your career is really the only way to find a job that you can see yourself doing for a long time, as well as finding one that will make you happy. While we are young, and developing a view of the world, we have an idea of what we want to do based on our experiences of these jobs; I always wanted to be a fireman as they seemed strong, brave, and valued members of society. I often read blogs of parents of young families and think about what measures they have in place for their children to achieve what they hope to.

Once they have this idea they may wish to influence their children, or help them to plan ahead, and then thinking about what to do at college or university becomes an easy option. Too often people go to university with no idea about what they want to do with their lives and either end up dropping out, or completing a degree that they have no interest in, this means a waste of time and a lot of money. It can put your life back a number of years as you then waste time thinking about what you wish you were doing.

The important thing is to do your research, and of course the internet is the perfect place to test this.  If you’re looking to investigate abroad then you’ll be well advised to buy IP address from a VPN service which will allow you access to more resources in that country.

It will make a huge difference, not only will you be able to make a more informed choice. You can also get many more ideas than might be available from your immediate circle, investigate foreign colleges and Universities.  See what they offer and how much they cost, sometimes studying in a foreign university might be cheaper than you think and it offers other chances for personal development.

Planning ahead for college or university will save you time and money, as well as meaning that you will have more years in a job that you actually want to be doing and that will make you happy.

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