Some Tips on Completing a College Application

It’s really just like applying for a job but sometimes can be even more competitive – the college application form.  For many it’s the first challenge from school – finding the college and securing a place on your chosen course.   Here’s some tips you really should follow –

  • Make sure You Application is neat and well presented – sounds obvious but you’d be amazed at the scruffy looking application forms that many colleges receive. At best they’ll get a cursory look, at worse it’ll go straight in the rejected pile.
  • Think about why your applying. The admissions officers want to know why you chose their college and that course. Try and personalise your application, make it stand out and be different.
  • Plan any free sections – if you are given blank areas to fill in, perhaps ’why do you want to study here?’. Then plan before you start writing, decide on the key points and make sure you include them – write a draft first.
  • Follow the guidelines and requirements – ensure you complete everything and follow all specific instructions. Read the application form carefully to make sure you’ve completed it properly.
  • Photocopy before sending the form – this application is important, stuff does get lost. If you’ve got a copy and better still proof of posting then you will ensure that your not penalised if the form is lost.

Sounds like simple advice but worth taking.  If you’re planning to apply to a foreign college then it’s even more important to do some research too.  Find yourself a proxy server in the country your applying to using sites like these – and use it to browse the web with.  This will able you to research properly and access any geo restricted sites based on your IP address.