What’s the Next Step?

When I was young, in easier times – drifting into college was something that many of us did.  The mere possession of a degree was usually enough to ensure a reasonable start to life in the real world.  Debts were quickly paid off by a decent job and the extension of frugal student living for a year or so.  But in most countries this has changed radically, I went to University in the UK but the pattern seems to be the same across Europe and North America.  College or University is now a very serious investment and waltzing into a course based on no more than – “it sounded interesting” is no longer a smart move.

The rising costs of courses and the withdrawal of grants and benefits means that continuing with education is one of the biggest investments you can make.  The good thing is that it can still be a smart investment because get it right and the beneficiary will be you.  I think  the point I’m trying to make is  that education is of course worthwhile but make sure you have a plan.  From my experience those who have a career in mind or a job to aim for will rarely go wrong with pursuing further education.  But because of the big investment, just doing a social media course because you didn’t know what else to do – is a recipe for disaster.

Think long and hard about your goals and whether the course you are doing will help you achieve this.  Make sure you research properly you chosen vocation, if it’s in another country ensure that you develop the relevant language skills.  My flatmate in college invested in a service which provided them with a UK IP address, they found it here.  The reason was to be able to access the BBC from her computer online – simply to develop English skills from the presenters.  Going to college is also a chance to develop related kills with voluntary groups and societies.  If you can find activities which relate to your chosen profession then it can be CV skills paradise.