Use A Community College To Save Money The First Two Years

Most everyone agrees that if you want to give yourself the best chance of getting a good job, a college degree is a must. The problem in 2012 though, is how to pay for those four years without putting yourself too far behind in the debt department? College age kids today have a real dilemma!

One way to reduce costs is to go to a community college for the first two years and then transfer to a bigger name college for the final two. In this case, a student’s final degree would be from the big name college and no one will ever know they didn’t go there the whole time! Yet they will have saved a ton of money because those first two years will be at a school that costs significantly less.

Community colleges sometimes get a bad name because people think that they are for students that can’t get into “real” colleges. But this isn’t true in an economy where many very smart students are opting for community colleges to save money. After all, is it really worth going in debt $50,000 or more for a degree in Communications, English, or something else? By limiting their costs for the first two years, many students are doing the financially smart thing.

Jobs for college students and college graduates aren’t available in the numbers they once were. This makes getting a pricey degree a risk rather than “must” in many cases. Students are scrambling for alternatives in financing and anything else they can come up with to find a way to get a higher education. Luckily, community colleges are there to help out for some of them who can’t afford the full price of four years at a major university.