College Years Are The Best Time Of Your Life

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To me, there is no better time in life then when you are a student.  It doesn’t matter if go to college or university in your home town or if you decide you want to experience the whole lot and so you up sticks and move away from every thing you know. Moving away to college can sometimes be the first time you have had any extended period away from the family home, it might be the first time you have not had your mum cook for you.  This is a great thing,  embrace the freedom that comes with being a student, doing your own thing, setting your own time table for learning, meeting new people and socialising.

Whilst you will find you do a lot of socialising at the local student union bar, especially in your first year away, don’t let that impact on your life too much.  Keep up to date with current affairs, it’s what’s expected of students who continue their education.  The internet is a useful source for this, here’s a useful link which can help you watch BBC news live using the internet via a VPN server.

 Make sure you do the study that is required of you, stay healthy by learning to cook properly rather than the usual student diet of takeaway pizza and kebab, and make an effort to remain active by getting involved with team sports and joining the university gym.  if you want to put your student loan money to good use, and save money on gym membership, then you could even think about buying some home exercise equipment like an exercise bike or even an indoor rowing machine.  Making use of your money properly, without drinking it away through continuous partying will keep you fit and motivated – vital for self learning at college or university.