Finding Images For That College Project

Nowadays a lot of us need good quality images to complete our assignments or simply to help illustrate our portfolios (with appropriate accreditation of course).  Of course you can search the web or use other resources like the Creative Commons search site but they don’t always produce the best results.  So where you can you find a fun site packed full of inspiration images that are available to illustrate your work?

Well the answer is a fantastic little site called Pinterest, it’s not that old but has recently been taking the web by storm.  Now of course media and web students will probably be well aware of this site but  but the rest of us may have missed it.  It’s basically a very simple to use bookmarking site which focuses on sharing images.  Users can create boards under their account and then Pin images to that board which they can share with other users.  What has been created is some of the most incredible collection of stunning images.  

If you have a web site, photo album or blog then it can also be used to promote your own work or images.  You simply create a board to highlight your images and start pinning your portfolio to that board.  Of course you must be careful to not appear too self-promotional but mixing in some of your own work is perfectly acceptable.  For people who want to take this media even more seriously you can even invest in some Pinterest automation software which helps you create and populate boards with ease.

It’s always best to remember who uses these boards the most as it gives you a good idea of the demographics.  Pinterest is mainly used by women, more specifically women in the 30+ age range, although this could easily change dramatically as it rises in popularity.  You’ll see this reflected in many of the images stored there, but as a resource for pictures it’s second to none on the internet at the moment.