Finding a Career That’s Right

It’s something we’ve all had to do at some time, but most of us don’t think this through as much as we should.  It can be tempting to leap into pursuing different, exciting sounding careers without thinking carefully about our personal motivation. Try to sit down and evaluate your interests and what exactly you are looking for from a career.  Without taking these simple you’ll never find that perfect career for you.

Think about courses you’ve taken in the past, what you enjoyed and what you didn’t.  Particularly focus on things you’ve found boring make sure that these won’t be present in abundance in your chosen vocation.  After highlighting some areas it’s time to check some career profiles.  There’s lots of different places you can find these profiles, it’s also worth looking at popular media sites.

Even if you’re outside the UK you can use proxies to look up information or watch programmes on the BBC Iplayer which help illustrate what’s involved in particular jobs.  Check out this site to show how you can use a VPN or proxy to get more information – .

It’s important to do your research properly, try and get in touch with people who are actually doing the job you are looking at.  They’ll normally give you a very honest opinion of what’s involved.  You can be working in a job for a long time so don’t rush this initial investigation, you’ll find you’ll be more motivated the more informed you are.  There’s a great place to find career profiles on the UK Governments career advice  – search career profiles.