Technology Aids Language Learning

When I went to school, language learning could be a pretty dull affair. ┬áMuch of it was repetition, the phrase ‘ecoutez et repeatez’ is still etched in my mind some three decades later. The technique may be effective but it’s unlikely to inspire children to learn a foreign language. It’s unfortunate as numerous studies show that learning a foreign language is also beneficial to all other areas of learning helping to develop the brain. There are some much more interesting ways to learn languages now using multimedia and the internet for example.

There are some wonderful interactive DVDs around which can help you learn pretty much any language under the sun. They are easy to use and useful because you can even include pronunciation guides to help with mastering the language. Many commercial courses are available which encompass hundreds of different languages not just the usual French and German which are normally covered. If the internet is available there are even more options.

Many of the Worlds best Universities have started to put their college courses online, including many language departments. You can even register and get feedback although if using the free options this is likely to be fairly limited. The chance to study different languages which may be not supported in your local colleges though is an exciting prospect. However even if you use traditional books and audio course there are ways you can supplement your learning using the internet.

For example, most large media stations across the world broadcast over the internet and it’s a perfect way to hear your language spoken by native speakers. For example for anyone learning Italian, should check out some of the Italian TV stations like RAI. You can access them from anywhere in the world – although this video shows the method required for watching RAI Player abroad –

So instead of watching dry vocabulary films and clips, you can actually hear Italian being dubbed onto the latest soap or an episode of the Simpsons. There are many English Language shows which are dubbed and you can even watch English spoken with Italian subtitles to help you read through as well. The method works with all different media sites and whatever language you’re learning you can usually find a large media site or TV show broadcasting in that language. You have to just ensure that any VPN service you use has a server in the country you require.

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