Guided Pathways Offer Help to Students

Of course ,whatever further education option you take then it’s going to be potentially a life changing choice. First of all, it’s going to be expensive and although you can minimize the cost by taking certain options like a Community College near your home or possibly even online study. The reality is that the cost in both time and money is likely to be expensive.

That means it’s vitally important to take the right options and credits when you start your course. Most of the best colleges will give you some guidance on the right options to take and many take these decisions very seriously. Here’s a brief video which explains how one college has introduced a system called ‘Guided Pathways’ in order to help students take the right options.

Everyone has dreams. She’s fascinated by technology. They want to start a business. He’s inspired to save lives. Those dreams for a good life and well-paying jobs require education beyond high school. But many American college students don’t graduate on time … or at all … at a high cost to themselves, their families and taxpayers. Students who are the first in their families to go to college face an even bigger struggle because no one has gone before them. These students are more likely to be low-income students and students of color. We can do better. Guided Pathways is a nationally recognized, research-based approach. It helps students of all ages explore their options and work toward a career. Not just a degree. It’s challenging to translate interests and skills into a career … or understand the education needed to achieve your goals. A student interested in the healthcare field, for example, could earn a one-year certificate and become a pharmacy technician. Or she could earn a two-year or four-year degree and become a nurse. Or she might go to medical school to become a doctor. Many times students don’t know all the options within a career field or how to choose among them.

This makes selecting the right classes in the right order difficult. No wonder so many students take unnecessary credits … or just give up. With Guided Pathways, colleges are making the choices clearer by grouping courses together in broad fields of interest — like information technology, business or education. With help from advisers, students select a field and are quickly introduced to all their career options. Students learn critical concepts right away and discover pretty quickly what they do — or don’t — like, saving time and money if it’s not the right fit. Research shows the sooner a student begins their journey, the more likely they are to graduate on time with fewer credits and less debt. A student hones in on a specific career, advisers give them packaged program maps for a clear pathway toward that career. The Guided Pathways approach supports students by exposing them to all their options …

including transferring to a university to earn a next level degree. Washington’s Community and Technical College’s are pursuing guided pathways to help students achieve their dreams and launch their careers. As more students graduate and move into their careers they lift our economy with them. And when our students succeed, our state succeeds.

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