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Did you know 100% of Central College’s students receive financial aid? It’s true! Filling out the FAFSA is easy and determines your financial eligibility.


A High-Quality Education

We work to make sure a high-quality education at Central is attainable for all students. Both academic and need-based financial aid is available, and the value of your education will endure throughout your life.

You’ll leave college better prepared for a career, having focused on hands-on learning, internships and making connections that will last a lifetime.

Top Academics Outcomes

Central graduates following Commencement.

A Private Education:
More Affordable Than Ever

We don’t believe tuition prices should be a barrier to a quality education. Central is more affordable than ever. And that’s before financial aid!

Our commitment to affordable pricing and generous scholarship offerings make Central’s high-quality, individualized education comparable in price to that of many large public universities.

How Central Stacks Up

Our 2024-25 tuition of $20,988 is comparable with state schools. And way less than other Iowa private colleges.

$20,988 (Central’s Tuition) + $12,060 (Central’s Housing and Food) = $33,048

A Comparison of Tuition + Housing and Food With Other Iowa Institutions

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Average aid and scholarships a student receives from Central, federal and state awards, which can be subtracted from total price for an incredibly affordable experience.

* Estimated price to attend based on 2023-24 published price plus 4%.

Investment of a Lifetime

Coming to college, I was really stressed about where my money would come from. But Central has a lot of support for students, a lot of scholarship opportunities and ways to work on campus.”

DelTon Alexander ’24

HOMETOWN: Iowa City, Iowa
SCHOLARSHIPS: Mark and Kay DeCook Family, Main Family Scholarship, Bill & Connie Hinga Scholarship for Outstanding Campus Leadership and Journey
MAJOR: Sociology
CAREER GOAL: Work with nonprofit organizations that impact the childcare system

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DelTon Alexander ’24

Crunch the Numbers

Mortarboard with writing: Made it to the top now back to 1st grade - Miss Fritz, BA 2021.
  • 96% of Central College graduates are employed two years after graduation — compared to 83% nationally.*
  • 100% of Central College students receive financial aid.
*According to

Next Step – File the FAFSA

Filing the FAFSA is the first step toward maximizing your financial aid. You can begin filing Oct. 1.

Complete the FAFSA FAFSA Checklist

It All Adds Up

Delaney Underwood ’23 came to Central College to excel in the classroom and on the golf course. For her, it all adds up to a college experience that has been nothing short of remarkable.

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